Watch The New England Patriots And Wiz Khalifa Dance Poorly To Migos And Fetty Wap

The New England Patriots won yet another Super Bowl this past January thanks to a boneheaded call by Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. (Just hand it to Marshawn next time, cuz.) The Pats convened last night to be presented with their championship rings, and what followed was an extremely awkward dance party that will complete destroy your illusions about the glamorous lifestyle of the professional football player. Wiz Khalifa was there for some reason. The undeniably handsome and wealthy Tom Brady and Julian Edelman staged a halfhearted dance battle to Migos’ “Handsome And Wealthy.” Rob Gronkowski rocked a massive Tommy Bahama logo on the back of his shirt while contorting his sizable frame to “Trap Queen.” Even septuagenarian billionaire owner Robert Kraft was turning up when that Fetty dropped! Russell Wilson would have never allowed the Seahawks’ celebration to descend into so much corn. Many involuntary cringe-laughs await you below.

Gronk and Brady gettin it crackin at the ring ceremony party. #corporate thuggin. Thanks @wgd6788

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