Your $10K Donation To Geto Boys’ Kickstarter Will Earn You A Custom-Designed Casket And Embroidered Pillow

Houston rap trio the Geto Boys have been out of the game for a decade, but like plenty of other veterans on hiatus, they’ve decided to return by launching a Kickstarter campaign. Rolling Stone reports that their new album will be called Habeas Corpus, and their campaign will attempt to raise $100,000 by 7/15. The group has been through several lineup changes, but this iteration includes Scarface, Bushwick Bill, and Willie D.

In the interest of doling out fitting prizes to supporters, the elite $10,000 contribution will receive a customized Geto Boys casket. This takes the phrase “die-hard fan” to a whole new level. Full details:

The Geto Boys will buy your box (casket), design an image for your box, and commission a dope artist to paint a mural of the Geto Boys covering your entire carbon steel box (Includes a custom engraved Geto Boys signature plate). You will also receive a custom embroidered Geto Boys autographed pillow designed by Willie D, Scarface, and Bushwick Bill to lay your head on so that you can rest in peace for all eternity. This is that true once in a lifetime gift that you can give to yourself or a loved one who is a die-hard Geto Boys fan. Sounds a bit morbid? Not if you consider the fact that death is the most certain thing in the world that all of us will someday experience. Since you’re guaranteed to die anyway, why not go out like you lived – in style? You don’t have to be suicidal, or crazy to make your own funeral arrangements; we made ours. Okay, maybe that’s not saying much, but we don’t think you should allow an ancient taboo to prevent you from controlling how you want to look at your personal viewing party. Whether you’re planning ahead for your own funeral or need to put a loved one to rest, the Geto Boys will be there for you Till Death Do Us Part. Travel and hotel expenses must be paid for by backer, if applicable.

That donation level also gets the album on vinyl and digital and a personalized thank you phone call from Scarface, Bushwick Bill, and Willie D. According to Willie D, tensions are still high between the trio, but they’re soldiering on. They’re currently on their Office Space tour — so named for one of their most popular song’s inclusion on that film’s soundtrack. You’ll remember that “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta” soundtracks that epic printer-destroying scene. But their best-known hit was 1991’s “Mind Playing Tricks On Me.”

Along with the album itself, the group are planning a making-the-album DVD available to backers and a Willie D-penned 100-page art book, Pieces of Insanity, that will include contributions from over 40 artists using Geto Boys songs for inspiration. Mike Dean, Tone Capone, N.O. Joe, and Ice Cube will all be involved in making the new album, and Scarface and Willie D will also be producing some of the music. Their music has always been deeply invested in political concerns, and the new album’s title seems to suggest they will focus in on the recent uprising against police racial discrimination across America. These guys had a song called “Crooked Officer” out back in 1993, so they’ve been on that beat for a while already.

Get the full details on other levels of support and watch a video about the project over at their Kickstarter page.