Swim Good x Merival – “Since U Asked”

Toronto producer Swim Good usually lives up to his name, giving us the kind of production that sounds like a sunset melting into the horizon while you’re basking and stroking your way through tropical waves. How Jon Lawless nails that tropical vibe while inhabiting the freezing cold of the 6 is nothing short of a miracle, and so is this gorgeous little flip of a song he just released with Anna Horvath AKA Merival. Their one-off collaboration is part of Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs series, an ongoing project that pairs musicians together to create new music. “Since U Asked” also features contributions from Joel Karlsson of Air France and Darren Seltmann of the Avalanches, but it’s really Horvath who winds up stealing the show here. She’s got one of those baby soft voices that hints at a beautiful world while describing an immense sadness. It’s one of those bait and switch moments that sucks you into the center of the song before you realize it’s a crashing wave of loneliness and loss. I’d rather be swept up in this sadness than sunning on an easy beach somewhere; there’s real warmth in shared pain, too.