Marina & The Diamonds – “Blue (Holychild Remix)” (Stereogum Premiere)

Marina & The Diamonds aka Marina Diamandis is one of the UK’s most excellent, reliably off-kilter alt-pop stars. She put out a new album called Froot via Neon Gold this spring and is currently touring internationally in support of it. On the US side of things, brat-pop duo Holychild just released their debut album a few weeks ago, and they’re not done leaving their fingerprints all over the pop world. To that end, they’ve remixed Marina’s gloriously calm “Blue” into an itchy glitchwork of clipped and snipped vocal and beat samples. We’re premiering it today. Listen to the incredible reworking below, along with the original for context.

Froot is out now via Neon Gold Records. The Shape Of Brat Pop To Come is out now via Glassnote Records.