Download Wilco’s First-Ever All Acoustic Show From Solid Sound 2015

Wilco’s biennial three-day Solid Sound Festival just kicked off last Friday. Two years ago, they performed a set of fan-requested covers, and this year they performed their first-ever all-acoustic show. Check out the full setlist and listen to “Hesitating Beauty” below, which Jeff Tweedy said was “so much nicer” to sing “now that everyone can get married” following last Friday’s Supreme Court decision, and you can download the entire show via NYCTaper here.

01 “Misunderstood”
02 “War On War”
03 I’m Always In Love”
04 “Company In My Back”
05 “Hummingbird”
06 “Bull Black Nova”
07 “Handshake Drugs”
08 “Hesitating Beauty”
09 “She’s A Jar”
10 “One Wing”
11 “Kamera”
12 “New Madrid”
13 “Forget The Flowers”
14 “It’s Just That Simple”
15 “Airline To Heaven”
16 “Dawned On Me”
17 “I Got You”
18 “Passenger Side”
19 “Outta Mind (Outta Site)”
20 [Happy birthday To Mikael Jorgensen]
21 “Whole Love”
22 “Jesus Etc”
23 “Walken”
24 “The Thanks I Get”
25 “Theologians”
26 “Shot In The Arm”