Jason Isbell – “Something More Than Free”

Of all the daily tasks that Jason Isbell details in “Something More Than Free,” my favorite is when he talks about taking off all his clothes the minute he’s home alone. There’s something so satisfying about the absolute freedom of an act like this, but as Isbell goes on to note, it is only meaningful to us in contrast with he structure in the rest of our lives “When I get home from work / I’ll wrestle off my clothes / And leave ‘em right inside the front door,” he sings. Thing is, if it weren’t for the triumphant feeling of being home from work, this act would have no real value. Laying around the house naked all day doesn’t come with the same payoff; in fact, it diminishes the joy of leisure itself. That’s the primary thesis threaded through this second track off Isbell’s new album of the same name. The first single, “24 Frames,” coursed with a bit more of an indie rock edge, but “Something More Than Free” settles nicely into simmering acoustics, complete with fiddles and down-tempo piano. Listen below.

Something More Than Free is out 7/17 via Isbell’s own Southeastern records. Pre-order it here.

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