OG Maco: “Future Has Destroyed Countless Lives By Making It Cool To Be A Drug Addict”

OG Maco: “Future Has Destroyed Countless Lives By Making It Cool To Be A Drug Addict”

As Future readies the release of yet another collection of songs, this one an official album called Dirty Sprite 2 — a common nickname for lean, or the drug cocktail of codeine and promethazine cough syrup — OG Maco has some criticism for his fellow Atlanta rapper.

As XXL points out, Maco went on a tweeting spree last night about the way Future’s music inherently glorifies drugs as a means of being cool.

First, he talks more generally about how the lowest common denominator topics in rap are often what get the most praise:

Continuing the rant, he gets more explicit about the way Future’s music glorifies drug use:

For those unfamiliar with OG Maco, his biggest song is the spooky-piano viral diss track “U Guessed It.” As he continues to tweet, users begin bringing up his track. The implied shade here is that he’s only got one hit, and it’s pretty base too. (Maco refutes that later by linking to some of his more emotional material).

Then, he talks specifically about his experience with a friend’s addiction to Xanax:

You can listen to “2 Bars,” the song he’s talking about, below.

Mid-rant, he pauses to clarify that he’s been listening to Future from the very beginning, citing some of his earliest work, including the first installment of Dirty Sprite (which came out in 2011):

Then, he talks about how he isn’t trying to start beef or anything, but genuinely wants the world to change:

And shares several examples of lyrics from his song on the subject, “No Mo”:

Listen to the song in full just below:

He concludes by sharing a screenshot of all the Future albums he owns, and noting that he loves the music.

Kudos to him for leveling some insightful criticisms at an artist he respects. I have been a fan of Future for years now — he was actually the first rapper I ever interviewed — but I agree with all of his points. I know people who have personally tried lean only because of Future’s music, and that kind of behavior is pathetic, sure, but proof that what Maco is saying is on point.


UPDATE: Complex reports that OG Maco’s website has been hacked, apparently by Future fans. Beside a smiling picture of Future, it reads, “Is OGMaco.com for sale? Bitch you guessed it !!!” followed by a Georgia phone number and a request for serious inquiries only. We tried calling the number and got only an answering machine beep, but when Complex called earlier they were greeted with the sounds of Future’s “March Madness” and a pre-recorded message: “Thanks for calling to purchase OGMaco.com. Please leave your contact information and your current purchase offer price. Someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible.” Check out a screenshot from Maco’s website below.

UPDATE #2: Future went on HuffPost Live to address the impending drop of his new album Dirty Sprite 2, his breakup with Ciara and much more. Interviewer Marc Lamont Hill was staying away from anything negative, but Future asked him to bring up comments from the haters — the difficult questions — so he could answer them and be done with it. So aside from addressing rumors about being a deadbeat dad (which he confirmed are false), Future addressed Maco’s comments. (Future also seems to think it’s funny that Hill mispronounces OG Maco’s name, and so do I). Here’s what Future said:

He needs to rap about whatever he rap about, he need to get out of that lane and start rapping church bible verses. And then he won’t have an opinion on hip-hop. He’ll have to be talking about Kirk Franklin or something. The young people inspire me! They inspire me, some things that I say and some things that I do. It’s just a generation of change. I don’t feel like I’m destroying lives. Everybody has their own choice of how they want to live. OG Maco, he’s going to have to respond. He’s going to have to see me about that too though, when I see him. He’s got to tell me to my face. All that Twitter, I’m not with that. I’m a hundred percent, a thousand percent man. So I feel like if he can say it on Twitter, when I see him — I’m going to see him — and if he doesn’t say anything, then I’m not going to even respect. If he can’t say that to my face, he’s not going to get the response I’m saying right now. I promise you one hundred percent. I’m not tweeting about it, I’m not Instagramming about it, the only time I’m going to say something about it is right now. And then I’m going to respond when he says something about it to my face. Besides that, I’m going to go live my life and not think about him.”

Future makes some excellent points! Watch the full interview below, it’s a great one.

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