Sally Crewe – “Later Than You Think” (Stereogum Premiere)

Sally Crewe – “Later Than You Think” (Stereogum Premiere)

Singer-songwriter Sally Crewe has mastered infectious power-pop melodies without the fluff; behind her sweet voice is a fiery attitude. The Yorkshire, England native began writing music at 15 and debuted her first album in 2003, with Britt Daniel and Jim Eno of Spoon as co-producers and backing band Sudden Moves. Crewe relocated to Texas and formed a new Sudden Moves lineup. Now she returns with the release of her fourth album Later Than You Think and premieres its title track. It’s a catchy “told you so” tune, warning her love interest that she won’t buy into any bullshit. Rock instrumentation carries the track, while her backing vocals and melodic harmonies resemble retro pop girl groups. It ends with an minute-plus breakdown that features a captivating guitar part that just won’t quit, its incessant ringing embodying the track’s high emotion. Crewe weighed in on the solo, saying:

I’ve gone from one extreme to the other as a guitarist. All that lead stuff at the end is a first take improv, and I actually hit the highest possible note on the guitar at one point. I was mid-solo and I remember thinking, “I wonder what happens if I go right up to the top?” And it worked. It’s just after the 4 min mark. I bet my guitar was all “Hey, lady, what the hell’s going on down there? You only played my lowest 3 strings for the last 10 years!” Sorry, guitar, I’m a big girl now.”

Check it out below.

01 “What You Do”
02 “Chase Tornado”
03 “Later Than You Think”
04 “Needle In The Groove”
05 “Look Back Down”
06 “Only Luck Can Save Us Now”
07 “Come In No. 9″
08 “Satellite”
09 “The Payback”
10 “Looking At The Moon”

Later Than You Think is out 9/22 via 8 Track Mind. Pre-order it here.

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