Kimbra – “Goldmine” Video

Last summer, New Zealand’s foremost pop experimentalist Kimbra put out a wonderful, stubbornly eclectic sophomore album called The Golden Echo. It did not fare well. In fact, despite its heady, colorful, and technically brilliant layers of textured, psychedelic pop, it had almost no influence on the larger conversation about music last year. I listened to it extensively last July and August while prepping to interview her, but sometimes it feels like I was the only one. It seems like one of those albums that 17-year-olds will dig up in a couple decades, baffled that it had no impact on their parents.

Today she’s released a video for one of the album’s core songs, “Goldmine,” which she told Rolling Stone is part of a metaphor for pain and suffering. Given the way that gold has to be boiled, refined and polished, that analogy makes a lot of sense. Gold foil spills in, around and through everything in the animated clip, keeping perfectly in line with Kimbra’s stuttering art-pop aesthetic. The visual was created by Chester Travis and Timothy Armstrong and shot entirely in an abandoned Berlin warehouse. Watch below.

The Golden Echo is out now via Warner Bros. Get it here.