Cave Singers Are Crowdfunding Their New Album

Cave Singers Are Crowdfunding Their New Album

There are nine days left in the Cave Singers’ IndieGoGo campaign to crowd-fund their fifth album — and you should support them. Weirdly enough, I became a fan of the Cave Singers pretty much by accident. I saw them play a show with Lia Ices at the Gene Autry Museum in L.A. several years ago, instead of stumbling upon their music in my native Northwest. Anyway, I came for the Ices portion of the show, stayed for their set, and left with a newfound appreciation for the Seattle trio’s intense harmonies and muted folk-rock. The guys put out their first two albums on Matador and their next two on Jagjaguwar, but have opted to go label-free for this new one.

So far, 203 people have raised $17,758 toward the Singers’ $20K goal to record, mix, master, and manufacture their album. They’ve already booked studio time with eminent producer Randall Dunn (remember how perfectly he rendered Marissa Nadler’s 2014 July?) and are eager to get to work on the record. Dunn also produced their third album No Witch. A whole host of awards/prizes for contribution exist so check those out here, and donate if you’ve got the bandwidth to support independent music.

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