Aaron Taos – “ILL” Video

Time seems to move slowly post-breakup. You sort of just want to vegetate and think about everything that has happened. In his first video, Brooklyn-based Aaron Taos does exactly that. Lying on the floor on a sheepskin rug with a vinyl of his track “ILL” playing, Taos contemplates life after the end of a romance. The video, directed by the Tanaka Bros., takes a revolving aerial view. We watch as friends stop by and hang out, drink, smoke, as Taos receives Chinese takeout and as a party rings in the New Year all while Taos remains sprawled out on the floor in his own world. He wakes from his immobile state only after movers have packed away all his belongings. Taos’ rough vocals and crisp guitar are a comfort in this track. Watch the video below.

Taos’ EP Guits is out 9/19 via Clam Club.