Olga Bell – “Incitation”

After the Dirty Projectors split with Angel Deradoorian, they added Olga Bell to their lineup for 2012’s Swing Lo Magellan. But we’ve been covering Olga Bell since she was in the collaborative outfit Bell, a 2008-era Band To Watch.

These days, Bell is a solo artist under her full name, releasing an album sung completely in Russian last year called Krai and following that up this year with a new EP. Incitation will be out in October via One Little Indian Records. Maybe sharing a label with Björk inspired Bell to channel some of her head-thrown-back pathos (although Bell is already on the record as a fan). The title track “Incitation” submerges dark and discordant brass under angular synths and frenzied beats. It would feel disorganized if it wasn’t for the sharp stab of her voice piercing through the noise. Listening to this song feels like looking at a Jackson Pollock painting; I can’t necessarily remember all the lines of it after, but the overall impression of chaos sticks with me in a much fuller way than plenty of concrete songs do.

Incitation is out 10/16 via One Little Indian. Pre-order it here.