Gold Class – “Life As A Gun” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Gold Class – “Life As A Gun” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Knife-throwing is no casual sport. You either have great aim or you wound someone. Australian newcomers Gold Class come off as an aggressive post-punk version of the Smiths thanks to singer Adam Curley’s deep, lingering vocals. There’s an innate darkness about their “Life As A Gun” video. It focuses on an intense trust game paired with deadly knife play. A woman throws knives at a suspended Curley while one or the other is blindfolded. The band described director Geoffrey O’Connor as having a “penchant for marrying elegance, tension and a touch of dark humour.” Influenced by film noir, the video plays off the song’s lyrical sentiment, the desire to both protect and harm, the moment when trust is placed in the knife-wielding hands of another.” Watch the serious knife play below.

Gold Class’ debut 7″, Michael, is out now. Debut full-lenth It’s You is out later this year via Spunk in Australia and Felte in the US.

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