Titus Andronicus Cover Classic Rock Hits With Craig Finn And Ted Leo In Brooklyn

This week brings the release of Titus Andronicus’ outstanding new album, The Most Lamentable Tragedy, and to celebrate, the band did a five-night stand at Brooklyn’s Shea Stadium — a run that ended last night, on frontman Patrick Stickles’ 30th birthday. The outsize ambition of the entire concert run was befitting of the album’s unabashed grandeur, and its conclusion was especially — and appropriately — epic. Titus did a 24-song set that packed in NINE covers of timeless classics, eight of which comprised the final 10 songs of the evening. Even more insanely, the band was joined by Craig Finn and Ted Leo for a bunch of those songs — a run that started with Finn joining Titus for a cover of Billy Joel’s “You May Be Right” and concluded with a cover of motherfucking “Free Bird.” In the middle of all that they did: the Hold Steady’s “Stuck Between Stations” with Finn (which, to me, is a timeless classic); the Replacements’ “Bastards Of Young” with Finn; Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb”; the Pogues’ “A Pair Of Brown Eyes” with Leo; and two Bruce Springsteen covers, “Dancing In The Dark” with Leo, and “Badlands” with both Leo and Finn. You can see the whole setlist here. You can also watch some video of both “Bastards Of Young” and “You May Be Right” below.