Stream Kendrick Lamar’s Previously Unreleased “Hub City’s Wild Side”

What seems to be a previously unreleased Kendrick Lamar track has surfaced on Reddit today, as old songs by now-famous rappers are likely to do. On “Hub City’s Wild Side” Lamar refers to himself as K.Dot frequently, which is the best indicator that it’s from pre-Section.80 era, when he still used that moniker. By the time he put out Overly Dedicated in 2010, he’d already stopped using that name. He also references Hurricane Katrina, which happened back in 2005, so it would’ve had to be close enough to that to still feel relevant. Weird how that reference feels outdated 10 years later. Anyway, the song is credited to T.Dot Fasheeze, who could be a new producer, but is more likely to be one of Lamar’s producer names. Listen at Exclaim!