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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

The best video of the week isn’t a video at all. It’s the movie that plays in your head when you listen to Dr. Dre’s Compton on headphones, possibly while high. That movie is probably not the same movie as Straight Outta Compton, but we won’t really find out about that until next Friday, when it comes out. In any case, there were some very good music videos this week, including the absolutely disturbing one-two punch at the top of this week’s list. Check out the picks below.

5. GD & TOP – “Zutter” (Dir. ?)

I have seen a lot of things in music videos, but I have never seen anything remotely like the pissing scene here. That’s a new one. I am disgusted, and I am impressed.

4. Kendrick Lamar – “For Free?” (Dir. Joe Weil & The Little Homies)

Kendrick’s last two videos were moving, noble, powerful works. So if he wants to act like a bugged-out Mad Hatter in this one, he’s earned it. And as it turns out, he’s good at that, too!

3. Puff Daddy & The Family – “Finna Get Loose” (Feat. Pharrell) (Dir. Hype Williams)

Hype Williams is back directing Puff Daddy videos, and all is well with the world. Those two girls with the braids should be in every music video. If you can’t find a use for them in your video, you have no business making videos.

2. Girl Band – “Paul” (Dir. Bob Gallagher)

There are probably lots of things more disturbing than this video’s vision of kids’ TV, but off the top of my head, I can only think of two: The video immediately below it, and actual kids’ TV. (Just kidding. Kids’ TV is fine. Shout out to Octonauts.)

1. Autre Ne Veut – “World War Pt. 2″ (Dir. Allie Avital)

My three-year-old walked up behind me while I was watching this, and immediately yelled, “That’s a cute baby!” I didn’t correct him. Instead, I immediately closed the browser tab and completely avoided eye contact. This is that kind of video.