12 Memorable Moments From FYF Fest 2015

FYF is a weird festival. Tucked away at LA’s Exposition Park, tucked away towards the end of the summer—this isn’t one of the big blockbuster events of festival season, necessarily. But it’s an exciting and different break from all that, a quick two-day festival that crams in more variety, and a more impressive lineup, than some bigger festivals do in more days. Over the course of Saturday and Sunday this past weekend, you could see some of this year’s usual suspects—Run The Jewels are everywhere, FlyLo isn’t far behind—but the bulk of the lineup was made of curiosities you wouldn’t find on the main festival circuit in 2015, which made FYF a breath of fresh air, with Savages and Spiritualized and Dinosaur Jr. practically feeling like new faces after running into Future Islands and War On Drugs and Florence & The Machine at every festival this year. (All bands I totally love and would take any chance to see live, but it’s nice to mix it up now and then.) And, well, Kanye. It was supposed to be Frank Ocean, and I’m sure a lot of people were upset it wasn’t Frank Ocean. But at the last minute, FYF became a festival that was being headlined by Kanye, and that’s reason for excitement no matter what time of year, no matter where you are.