Majid Jordan – “My Love” (Feat. Drake) Video

Majid Jordan are one of those acts floating in the outer circles of OVO’s solar system who may or may not end up exerting their own gravitational pull on the world. For now, the synth-R&B duo of Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman is best-known for their contributions to Drake’s intergalactic love anthem “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” but they’re still attempting to launch their own solo career. That has manifested in an EP from last year, a 20 minute mix from earlier this summer, and, oh, the Drake-featuring single “My Love.” Guess which of these three things is the best? Points if you chose the one with Drake, which now gets a video treatment. Well, not every artist is destined to be the center of their own universe. Watch the Common Good-directed video below.