Vince Staples: “Shut The Fuck Up Miley Cyrus”

lya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Vince Staples: “Shut The Fuck Up Miley Cyrus”

lya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus had a big week. Our former squeaky clean Hannah Montana hosted the VMAs this Sunday, before surprise-dropping her wild-and-weird-as-fuck new album Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz to close out the show. But if you examine the press leading up to her album drop, it kinda starts to seem like she was trying to stir the pot in order to help boost the record’s impact. If she learned anything from the 2013 twerking fiasco, thoughtless comments on race and gender have become a pretty easy way to do that.

In two major interviews prior to the VMA/album drop, Cyrus had some unseemly words for both Nicki Minaj and Kendrick Lamar, arguably two of hip-hop’s most progressive, successful stars. The Minaj thing was a whole separate matter, but as Vince Staples pointed out in a recent interview with i-D, her comments about Kendrick Lamar in Marie Claire weren’t much better. Here’s what she said in Marie Claire:

There is so much sexism, ageism, you name it. Kendrick Lamar sings about LSD and he’s cool. I do it and I’m a druggie whore.

Cyrus seems confused; Kendrick Lamar has never really sung about LSD and is notoriously sober. Her carelessness here pissed off Vince Staples, who, for what’s it worth, is also openly sober. Here are Staples’ thoughts on Cyrus’ comments:

She didn’t know who she was talking about. Kendrick Lamar doesn’t have a song about LSD – that’s A$AP Rocky. So is it either you don’t know what you’re talking about or is it all black people look alike? Either one is fine with me but shut the fuck up Miley Cyrus. I love Taylor Swift because she got a little bit of my publishing back with that whole Apple Music thing she did. Anyone who has a problem with Taylor Swift, I’m supporting her because I’m trying to buy a home right now.

Staples also spoke about Tyler, The Creator’s recent ban in the UK and Australia:

He’ll be ok. It’s just not fair to his fans. Politics is a tricky situation. When you have people who are trying to control the country, they’re able to do what they want. Doesn’t matter what I feel about him, matters what they feel about him. They’ll let him back. It won’t be forever. But the crazy thing about it is they would have all been grown men five years ago. And Tyler was a child.

He makes some great points, as has been a regular occurrence this year in interviews and on his excellent debut album Summertime ’06. So if celebrity beef doesn’t interest you, go read Tom’s piece on that album instead.

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