Check Out Kurt Vile’s Levi’s Ad

Kurt Vile is one of the greatest living songwriters in America, which is probably why the Bank of America licensed one of his most poignant songs “Baby’s Arms” for a commercial back in 2011. Though that decision stirred a mild controversy, Vile honestly admitted he had no qualms about it, and even has a Bank of America account. That same argument holds up for his new Levi’s commercial too, since it’s rare to see a picture of him not wearing jeans, a jean jacket, or both. I can’t say for sure whether they’re all Levi’s brand, but I bet a lot of them are.

Vile joins a growing roster of talent in Levi’s partnership with musicians this year — Ibeyi, Alicia Keys, Ryn Weaver, Benjamin Booker and Kavka Shishido. Check out Vile’s lookbook here and watch his commercial below, featuring his excellent new song “Pretty Pimpin.”

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