Mac DeMarco Discusses Trolling By “Disrespectful” UK Buzz Band Fat White Family

Mac DeMarco talked to The Guardian about how fame has been treating him over the course of the past few years, and as it turns out, it hasn’t been all that great. Without changing his look or adjusting his sense of whimsy, DeMarco has become a cultural icon, and though he doesn’t necessarily try to hide from the spotlight, it must be exhausting to stand in it all of the time. The article mostly centers around the way in which DeMarco’s personal life has become the property of his fans, which is aided by the fact that he gave all of them his permanent address and invited them to coffee on the tail-end of his latest album. Apparently around 400 people have taken him up on it. Not everyone is enamored with DeMarco, however, and back in August the South London-based band Fat White Family posted a Facebook status that seemed to serve no real purpose aside from making them come across as assholes:

Fat White Family later brought up a particular moment during a recent DeMarco show when he brought out his longtime partner, Keira, to cuddle. DeMarco didn’t comment after the incident (can we even call it that?) but he expressed some disappointment in the band in the profile:

People ask: “These are your friends, right? This is a funny thing?” I’m like, “I’ve never met these guys. I don’t know what they sound like.” They asked me to play guitar with them on David Letterman a couple of months ago and I said no. But I guess somewhere in between that time and now they decided that they didn’t like me actually and yeah, if they have a problem, then that’s fine. Not everyone’s going to like my music. That’s fine.

When the interviewer asked DeMarco whether or not he was disappointed by Fat White Family’s threat to join Isis, he seemed to be at peace with their decision:

I don’t know anything about them. I don’t know anything about their music but it just kind of comes off as misinformed and a little bit disrespectful.

So there you have it. Fat White Family are going to have to join Isis because Mac DeMarco is staying right here, in New York City, at his home in the Rockaways, which you can locate and visit by listening to his song “My House By The Water.”