You’ve Got A Friend In Stereogum, Not Randy Newman

Following in the footsteps of other great American songwriters (Fred Durst, Britney Spears) Randy Newman’s decided to give this blogging thing a whirl. These post excerpts are sorta old, but I thought you’d get a kick out of ‘em (thanks Scott W. for the heads up):

The Worst Record I Ever Heard
“I Just heard on Klassic Radio the worst record I’ve ever heard. Here’s a hint: It’s Josh Groban’s rendition of Don McLean’s ‘Vincent.'”

Roman Holiday
“When I write songs again, to a greater extent than you might ever believe, it will be for you. I’m glad so many of you seem to like each other and if I’ve been the agency by which some of you have been brought together, that makes me greater than I already am. If the public only knew. Neil Young doesn’t do stuff like that. I have nothing against epileptics but come on. Neil Young once drew 80,000 people in Italy and he doesn’t speak a word of Italian.

I hope his next post’s about Ben Gibbard.

Incidentally, having taken a break from recording shitty Disney soundtracks, Randy’s back in demand ’cause of his apropos ballad about LA (Louisiana, not Los Angeles, though “I Love L.A.” is one of my guilty pleasures).

Download Randy Newman – “Louisiana 1927″ at Entroporium