BJ The Chicago Kid – “Church” (Feat. Chance The Rapper & Buddy) Video

Before we get into the dynamite video for BJ The Chicago Kid and Chance The Rapper’s hedonism-vs-godly-behavior collaboration “Church” I want to clarify one thing: It is perfectly possible to drink, do drugs and have sex and still make it to your customary pew in the morning for church. These aren’t actually mutually exclusive sets of behavior, nor do they have to be. But temptation always makes for a better setup than the thought that a single person’s life can contain a multitudes, so here we are with the late night temptation pitted against early morning services. Hey, great R&B songs almost always pivot on some sort of tension, right? One thing is clear, when Chance raps “loud like church folk” he is not talking about a worship service. Enjoy the innuendo below — including Buddy on the bridge — but remember that carnal enjoyment doesn’t mean you can’t be spiritual too. BJ is readying his major label debut, In My Mind, and this is one of the strongest songs we’ve heard from him so far, so watch the Scott Lazes-directed video below via The Fader.

In My Mind is out this fall via Motown.