Stream No Devotion Permanence

Welsh post-punkers No Devotion are streaming new album Permanance ahead of its September 25 release. The band, a reshuffled entity from now-defunct rock band Lostprophets with Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly out front, indulge in a heavy and dark alternative sound with their latest record. Though rooted on a post-punk basis with snippets from influences of Joy Division and New Order, No Devotion freshly incorporate elements of subtle electronic rock into their sound, a progressive endeavor that is in-keeping with the band’s freshness. Permanance is celebratory of the band’s new chapter and an exploration into all that the alternative music scene offers, incorporating a broad range of elements across the new wave and punk spectrum. Listen to the album below in full via NME.

Permanance is released 9/25 via Collect Records. Pre-order it here.

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