Listen To Ryan Adams And Taylor Swift Talk 1989 On Beats 1 Radio

Ryan Adams covered Taylor Swift’s glorious pop stunner 1989 in a “Bruce Springsteen Nebraska” fashion. That album is now streaming here, and Swift herself is a fan of it — so much so, that she even opted to call in to Beats 1 Radio and discuss it with Adams, Zane Lowe, and La Sera guitarist Todd Wisenbaker earlier today. Among other tidbits,” he confirmed that he’s completed his own new album, a double LP that is his “darkest, deepest, most romantic or loss of stuff I’ve ever done” and for him, that’s saying something. And intriguingly, Adams and Swift confirmed that the collaborated on an unreleased song together years ago when he was just getting his PaxAm Studios off the ground. Listen to their chat below.

Ryan Adams’ version of 1989 is out now via Pax Am; you can get it here. Taylor Swift’s version of 1989 has been out for nearly a year and has sold more than five million copies in the US alone. You can get it here.