Peaches – “I Mean Something” (Feat. Feist)

Earlier this summer Canada’s most explicit electropop star Peaches announced her first new album in six years. Rub will be out 9/25, but today she’s released the entire thing via a series of YouTube videos. Some high-powered guest stars show up here, including Feist on “I Mean Something.” Rub is sexually explicitly and feminist, political in ways that we’ve come to expect from Merrill Beth Nisker’s outspoken critiques of gender roles in society. “I Mean Something” is the first collaboration from Peaches and Feist we’ve heard in a while. Infamously, Feist used to moonlight as a sock puppet called Bitch Lap Lap and support Peaches’ early shows. Their new collaboration is especially powerful, though; consider the line “No matter how old / How young / How sick / I mean something / I mean something.” This is a direct refutation to the ways society often dismisses women as too old or to young to matter, the way that beauty and being able-bodied is used as a lens for everything we do. Some of these show up in video form, like the Kim Gordon-featuring “Close Up,” and others are simply streaming. Listen to “I Mean Something” and the rest of the album below.

Rub is out 9/25 on I U She music.