New David Grubbs – “An Optimist Declines (Edit)”

David Grubbs supposedly describes his new album An Optimist Notes The Dusk as “a step into the void,” which doesn’t sound overly optimistic. His first solo record since 2004’s poppier A Guess At The Riddle does sound good and enjoyable fractured, though. It consists of five longer songs (hence the “edit” in the above headline) and an 11-minute instrumental. Fans of his work in Gastr del Sol or the nighttime blues of Loren Connors should appreciate the spare, nay skeletal, knottiness. Listen:

David Grubbs – “An Optimist Declines (Edit)” (MP3)

That press photo should be titled “A Pessimist Reclines.”

An Optimist Notes The Dusk is out 9/23 via Drag City.

[Photo by Thatcher Keats]

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