Billie Marten – “Bird”

Earlier this year, we premiered Billie Marten’s splendid and precise folk storm “Heavy Weather.” Marten is just 15, so her ability to craft a song of that magnitude felt almost prophetic. This past spring she released a 7″ in the UK containing that song, but has a new EP slated for release this November. “Bird” is one of the initial releases from that EP, a wavering, delicate track full of wise and heavy revelations like “hope is a distance unreached.” “Bird” floats toward that distance on piano and strings, nudging toward the hope on the horizon. Listen below.

Here’s the As Long As tracklist:

01 “Roots”
02 “Cursive”
03 “Bird
04 “As Long As

As Long As EP is out 11/13 via Chess Club Records.