Brothertiger – “Wake” (Stereogum Premiere)

Brothertiger – “Wake” (Stereogum Premiere)

An illusive, ethereal quality trademarks Brothertiger, the electropop project of Brooklyn-based musician and producer John Jagos. His latest single “Wake” features warm, dreamy vocals based around electronic music that leans toward the soft-rock side, ambient tones washing over the listener like a mist on a spring evening. Jagos’s silky smooth lyrics chime, “Drowning in the water, filling me up,” and that’s exactly what the track itself does — it fills you up with an enchanting sense of wonder. “Wake” is bewitching and entrancing and an all-around utterly lovely tune, its delicate synths and sanguine lyrics a bright light in what is usually a very bleak and dark world. “Wake” is pulled from Brothertiger’s forthcoming album, Out Of Touch; listen below.

And here’s a look at Jagos himself:

Out Of Touch is coming soon. Pre-order it on vinyl here.

[Photo by Andrew Piccone.]

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