Disclosure – “Magnets” (Feat. Lorde) Video

Disclosure – “Magnets” (Feat. Lorde) Video

Behold the power of a great music video. “Magnets,” the Lorde collab from Disclosure’s Caracal, struck me as another of the album’s disappointing singles at first. But what once felt lifeless and stilted suddenly seems sleek and vibrant accompanied by these visuals, which depict Lorde embarking on a torrid affair with another woman’s man before teaming up with her for some fiery “Two Black Cadillacs”/The Other Woman-style revenge.

UPDATE: Here’s some added context courtesy of Lorde’s Tumblr and Twitter:

wow this video came out dark af i can’t remember us grading it that dark ..!

the most important detail is the girlfriend’s black eye, when she’s by the window.. watch it with that moment in mind. that’s the point the whole video hinges on / takes it from being “an affair narrative” to being “dude’s girlfriend hired miss ella the hit girl to ‘seduce’ him then take him the FUCK out”

Caracal is out now on Island/PMR.

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