Hear New Songs From Meredith Graves, Eskimeaux, & More On Paper Trail’s World Mental Health Day Comp

This past Saturday marked World Mental Health Day, a 24-hour period devoted to raising awareness for those who struggle with mental-health issues. Did you know mental health is just as important as physical health? Sadly, that’s not the way our society operates yet, but to help change those perceptions, a bunch of artists have contributed unreleased songs to a compilation for Paper Trail Records. The compilation, called Thanks for Listening, is a collaboration with Console, Ireland’s National Suicide Charity, and it features new songs from Eskimeaux, Infinity Girl, Eddi Front, Meredith Graves and more.

Here’s the full tracklist:
01 “Bigly, Small and Underheard” — Eskimeaux
02 “Camaraderie” — Paddy Hanna
03 “Katherine” — Infinity Girl
04 “Lately” — Teen Suicide
05 “While We Weren’t Speaking” — Star Parks
06 “Strawberry Red” — Cloud
07 “Rock and Roll (An Elegy in Eb Major)” — Shrug Life
08 “Pedal Baskets” — Brian Brittle
09 “All Meanness Be Gone” — Tica Douglas
10 “Boom Boom Boom” — Samyel
11 “Your Light” — Beach Moon/Peach Moon
12 “Fits” — Eddi Front
13 “Foreign Fleas” — Katie Kim
14 “Bonzo Bee” — Simon Bird
15 Took The Ghost To The Movies (Pregnant Women Remix) — Meredith Graves
16 “Glacier” — Cloud Castle Lake (Lung Dart Remix)

You can stream (and buy) it via Bandcamp. All of the proceeds are going to charity.