Annie – “Out Of Reach”

Annie’s Endless Vacation EP is lowkey one of the year’s best pop releases. All the songs are wistful, serene and dwell in the impossible, what can’t quite happen or what hasn’t happened or what you want to happen. Previously, pet-name pop-stunner “Cara Mia” made our best songs of the week column, while “WorkX2” took a totally different tack, channeling all the best parts of an ’80s workout video packed with endorphins. The EP is out this week — in just two days, in fact — and its latest single “Out Of Reach” is a song about longing that’s gauzy enough to fit your own love into. The whole EP is produced by Annie’s long-term collaborator Richard X, and as usual, he fits the synths and beats to her voice like a glove. It’s regretful pop, the kind that makes you want to snuggle up and get real comfy with your regret and desire. Listen below via Noisey.

The Endless Vacation EP is out on 10/16 via Pleasure Masters.

Tags: Annie, Richard X