John Andrews And The Yawns – “Peace Of Mind” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Who knew laid-back lo-fi would be such a fitting horror movie soundtrack? In John Andrews of Quilt’s new music video for “Peace Of Mind,” pulled from his recent solo record Bit By The Fang, Andrews is seen chased around a picturesque forest by a mysterious and terrifying axe murderer dressed in a rather frightening wolf-hybrid costume. Andrews cowers and frolics and runs to the sounds of his own slacker guitars and dreamy psych-folk, his peaceful guitar-playing rudely interrupted by the masked creature. The music video blends the lines of a cartoonish reality, and (spoiler alert!) Andrews’ own bandmates even attend his funeral at the end of movie. Watch the video below.

Bit By The Fang is out now on Woodsist.