Cian Nugent – “Things Don’t Change That Fast” (Stereogum Premiere)

Cian Nugent – “Things Don’t Change That Fast” (Stereogum Premiere)

Cian Nugent should have started singing on his records sooner. Night Fiction will be Nugent’s third album and the first to feature his vocals — his previous records were all instrumental, guitar-based endeavors — and is his first foray into that of singer-songwriter. Nugent’s first track from the album, “Things Don’t Change That Fast,” is a classic lo-fi number that sounds like a Kurt Vile approach to a Velvet Underground song, and the soft guitars and relaxed melodies make for a chilled listen. “I’m only in it for the weekend,” Nugent sings across the track, his deadbeat vocals reverberating even a Mac deMarco-esque aura. Night Fiction will be out in January.

01 “Lost Your Way”
02 “First Run”
03 “Shadows”
04 “Lucy”
05 “Things Don’t Change That Fast”
06 “Nightlife”
07 “Year Of The Snake”

Night Fiction will be released 1/20/16 on Woodsist.

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