Watch Deerhunter Play Fading Frontier Tracks In KCRW Session

Watch Deerhunter Play Fading Frontier Tracks In KCRW Session

Deerhunter stopped by the KCRW studio in Los Angeles to play four songs off of their October release Fading Frontier. They played “Breaker,” “Living My Life,” “Duplex Planet,” and “Snakeskin,” in addition to “Desire Lines” off of 2010’s Halcyon Digest and an improvisational song called “Escape From The Nursery.” After the set, lead vocalist Bradford Cox talked at length with the host Travis Holcombe about music industry politics and the distance he feels from it:

I never asked for anything. I never sent out a demo in my life. I never asked any label to pay attention to me. Do I look like someone who would ask to play your radio station? If you saw me as a 10-year-old kid, you would think, “I hope this kid doesn’t talk to me.”

Cox also gave the station a backhanded compliment/thank you for letting Deerhunter perform in the studio:

It’s nice that some radio stations still allow us to do what we want to do and not just carbon copy our album for some promotional scheme.

Watch the performance and the interview below.

Fading Frontier is out now on 4AD.

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