Stream Snuff Redux Besides You

Stream Snuff Redux Besides You

Snuff Redux’s new EP Besides You runs the gamut from catchy lo-fi garage-pop to scruffy Fall-via-Pavement post-punk. The Seattle band’s EP shifts and changes in musical direction with each track; “Stop the Judge” is almost, but not quite, a jangly pop number, while “Anyway” sounds like the embodiment of all your angsty-goth teenage years contained in a single track. “How Could It Be” is the most surf-rock the band get, sounding like a crossover hybrid between the Beach Boys and, say, Deerhunter? Besides You is a great anti-pop endeavor, memorable hooks hidden under loud, rumbling guitars and hazy mumbling. The band talked to Impose about the recording process:

We knocked the four songs out in a short amount of time in June. Only four or five sessions. Killian Brom of youryoungbody recorded us again. He grew as an engineer, and we grew as well, so the process was sweet and simple. As far as sentiments go, this collection of songs was essentially the back half of our first thought (Toy Kingdom EP), but refined. Room for growth in our sloth rock heads, coming to terms with mistakes made…knowing a little bit more but understanding things a little bit less, its all that ever happens.

Stream the full EP below.

Besides You is available now on Bandcamp.

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