WALL – “Fit The Part” (Stereogum Premiere)

A fresh wave of grainy post-punk comes in the form of New York’s WALL, whose itchy, scratchy, raw energy sounds like the seedy underbelly of the metropolis. The abrasive sing-speak vocals of their newest release “Fit The Part” thrive restlessly amidst enraged guitars — think DEVO meets riot grrrl — and the coarse lyrics bite with each repetition: “This is my role, this is my play/ I chose this race.” WALL’s sound contains an angry dissonance that could be traced all the way back to the emergence of the No Wave scene, the strain of their disquiet ripping apart at the seams and bursting through with unnerving vitality. “Fit The Part” is taken from WALL’s self-titled debut EP, to be released in January. Listen below.

WALL’s self-titled 7″ EP will be out 1/15/16 Wharf Cat Records. Pre-order it here.

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