Stream Nice Hooves The Gall (Stereogum Premiere)

Stream Nice Hooves The Gall (Stereogum Premiere)

Nice Hooves is mostly comprised of members from Detroit hardcore outfit the Armed. The Armed are aptly named as their latest offering Untitled is an unrelenting barrage of sonic artillery, and although Nice Hooves’ moniker is a bit deceptive, they don’t give you a moment to breathe either. On their upcoming album The Gall, they continually attack your ears: if it isn’t the bloodcurdling wails flirting with the line of control, or layers upon layers of dense rhythmic guitars, it’s thrashing abuse of the drum set (particularly the cymbals). This album is just vicious. Make sure your medical plan covers headbanging before listening.

Both Nice Hooves and the Armed will play Detroit’s No Rest Fest 2 this weekend along with 11 other bands who will rock their faces off for 10 minutes apiece. The Gall will be available on 100 cassettes at the festival via No Rest Until Ruin.

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