Watch King Louie Tell CNN About Surviving A Gunshot To The Head

Chicago rapper King Louie took a bullet to the head just last week, but as Noisey points out, he was miraculously well enough to speak to CNN’s Don Lemon last night, just a day after being released from the hospital. Louie shared more details about the shooting: He claims his vehicle was fired upon 22 times and he was hit with seven bullets, two of which are still implanted in his chest and one in his head.

After a brief snippet of Louie’s “Put The Guns Down,” prompted by Lemon, the rapper took the opportunity to speak on the rampant gun violence in Chicago, saying “the devil’s working overtime” in his city. Louie also credited his family’s faith and prayers in getting him through the situation. He didn’t offer much of an explanation as to why or how the violence persists and how it can be remedied, saying “the right people need to do the right things,” but doing the interview in his newly stable condition is statement enough. Watch the full interview below.