Gosh Pith – “K9” (Stereogum Premiere)

Gosh Pith – “K9” (Stereogum Premiere)

Gosh Pith are a Detroit-based duo whose story is a collage of pieces as diverse and unexpected as their sound. After forming in 2014, long-lost childhood friends Josh Smith and Josh Freed recorded their 2015 debut album Windows in disused city spaces. Gosh Pith have gone on to occupy stages with artists such as Kero Kero Bonito, Vic Mensa, Jr Jr, Odesza, Griz, Shigeto, and more. Now signed to LA-based label B3SCI, the band will release their four-song EP Gold Chain next month.

While reverb-laden beats and smooth, laid-back vocals give the EP’s lead single a certain sense of ease, Smith’s coarse guitar tones deliver a punch and texture that tactfully juxtaposes with their dreamy backdrop. In addition to this unlikely pairing, the two tie together “K9″ with thumping trap-inspired bass and fast hi-hats that give their sound its distinct catchiness and irresistible danceability. Layered over this rich textural palette, hip-hop and R&B-inspired vocals are delivered with enough style and personality that they stand out from the background without disrupting the song’s effortless flow. Listen below.

Gold Chain is out on 2/26 on B3SCI.

Gosh Pith

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