The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

I haven’t written any of these lists since Christmas, which means I’ve got three weeks’ worth of videos to pick through. And even though it’s not like a ton of heat was coming out over the holidays, we now have enough really, really good videos that I had to push David Bowie’s latest freakout all the way down to #5. Sorry, Bowie. Don’t steal my baby and then keep the baby imprisoned in a maze full of malevolent muppets. This week’s picks are below.

5. David Bowie – “Lazarus” (Dir. Johan Renck)

It’s not as panoramic as Bowie’s “Blackstar” video, but it’s shot through with the same sense of dread. And it gets a ton of mileage from the physical presence of Bowie himself, wizened but still fiercely charismatic and still fully willing to go all convulsive-skeleton on us.

4. Pusha T – “M.F.T.R.” (Feat The-Dream) (Dir. Kid Art)

More rappers should become horrifying demons in their videos. It’s a great look. (Pusha is one spot higher than Bowie because he’s just that more convincing at becoming a creature of the damned.)

3. Savages – “Adore” (Dir. Anders Malmberg)

Jehnny Beth has rock’s best thousand-yard stare since… actually, I have no idea. I can’t think of anyone. Has rock ever given us a thousand-yard stare this good?

2. Skrillex – “Strangers (Remix)” (Dir. Andrew Donoho)

Shooting off roman candles and smashing useless old electronic equipment: This is shit that my friends and I used to do in college when we were bored. This video somehow makes it all look so beautiful that it becomes straight-up noble. That tracking shot near the end, through all the fireworks, is just breathtaking.

1. Skylar Spence – “I Can’t Be Your Superman” (Dir. Maegan Houang)

I only have one issue with this bugged-out vision of a video: I’m not sure the science completely checks out. Otherwise, it’s perfect.

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