Saul Williams – “Think Like They Book Say”

Saul Williams – “Think Like They Book Say”

The oh-so-versatile slam poet/actor/musician Saul Williams has been revving up to release his new album MartyrLoserKing for quite some time now. He already released three highly variant cuts from the project: the Emily Kokal (of Warpaint) collab “Burundi“; the percussive, tribal tinged “The Noise Came From Here“; and the cryptic, lyrically heavy “Horn Of The Bike Clock.” His fourth single, “Think Like They Book Say,” is perhaps the most genre-defiant of all. It starts with an old school drum break and morphs into controlled chaos with crunchy guitars, pulsing synths, haunting atmospheric sweeps, and echoed bleeps. It has been said that competition ups performance, and the competing sounds in this track elevate it to the freaking stratosphere. The words of the former slam poet champion are not be glossed over, either. This song is just vicious. Four tracks deep, this album is shaping up incredibly.

MartyrLoserKing is out 1/29 on FADER label. Per-order is available here with instant access to the four pre-released tracks.

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