Night Moves – “Denise, Don’t Wanna See You Cry” Video

Minneapolis ’80s-style rock trio Night Moves have a flair for old-school videos that mirror their revivalist leanings. A couple tunes from their debut album, 2012’s Colored Emotions, earned them best videos of the week nods. It seems they’re on the hunt for more, announcing their sophomore album, Pennied Days in tandem with a video for lead single “Denise, Don’t Want To See You Cry.”

The song is a stinging, heartfelt vow to right the wrongs of a relationship. The lyrical core of the group, John Pelant and Micky Alfano, pen simple but stirring lyrics and deliver them with a palpable yearning. The harmonized refrain “Oh Denise, will you please love me tonight,” is as penetrating as it is infectious. As for the Anthony Sylvester-directed visuals, they accentuate both the band’s retro feel and the song’s sincerity. The lo-fi VHS images (in desperate need of tracking) of tagged, abandoned buildings and desolate woods beacon to videos past with the band overlayed in simple shapes. Old-fashioned wipes and transitions also bring members in and out of the frame as they deliver the lyrics. It’s a fitting video that evokes the feelings a critical inward glance can inspire. Check it out below.

Pennied Days is out 3/25 on Domino. Pre-order is available at the label’s site and iTunes.