Chimurenga Renaissance – “Girls With Gunz” (Feat. Moon)

Shabazz Palaces’ offshoot duo Chimanga Renaissance are hard to place in any one box genre-wise, but their music has a fluidity that eludes others who attempt to meld different sensibilities. Their new single “Girls With Gunz” is a weirdly awesome hybrid of warped electro, trap hi-hats, ringing electric guitars, and tribal-leaning world music. And to throw another dizzying element into the genre gumbo, rapper Hussein Kalonji employs a vintage Kid Cudi flow (we’re talking ’08 A Kid Named Cudi, pre-fall-off) with a herky-jerky cadence that fits the fluid disarray. The song is meant to be somewhat of an ode to African assassin Grace Meseva, who the duo insists was one of the most ruthless killers Zimbabwe had ever known. Check it out below.

“Girls With Gunz” is out 2/5 on Glitterbeat. It is available as a digital single pre-order here.