Ghostface Killah Acknowledges Martin Shkreli Is A Shithead

Ghostface Killah Acknowledges Martin Shkreli Is A Shithead

Finally! A member of the Wu-Tang Clan has spoken out against Martin Shkreli.

You have to be living under a rock to not know that Shkreli is a deplorable dude. The AIDS pill price-hiker has had an impressive run of asshole moves. In the music community he’s offered to bail out one Bobby Shmurda (for a price) and had his relationship with Geoff Rickley’s Collect Records severed after the label found out how much of a jerk he is. But perhaps his most ridiculous foray into the music was purchasing the secret, 1-of-1 Wu-Tang album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin.

RZA later seemed to regret selling the album to Shkreli, telling an interviewer that the transaction with occurred “before his business practices came to light.” Now RZA’s Wu-Tang associate Ghostface Killah has taken a firmer stand, calling Shkreli a “shithead” multiple times in a quick curbside interview with TMZ. Furthermore, Ghostface said Shkreli should give Once Upon A Time in Shaolin to the people. Hopefully Shkreli will heed the request, but being the shithead that he is, it’s probably not likely. And given how irritated he was about RZA’s minor shade, he must be steaming after what Ghostface said. Will the Albanian community get involved? We shall see. Watch the interview below.

UPDATE: Shkreli proves he is beyond redemption coming back at Ghost on Twitter.

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