Underworld – “I Exhale” Video

Electro veterans Underworld began the roll-out for their ninth studio album Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future last fall with a quick teaser cut of the project’s seven tracks. Just last week they shared the lead single “I Exhale,” and today it receives a set of visuals by Tomato. The video is filled with quirky, adorable dad humor. With nothing but minimal strobe lighting, a door, and an abundance of unabashed goofiness, this video is pretty captivating. Frontman Karl Hyde showcases some hilarious dance moves and antics, almost literally not missing a beat of the song. His every move matches the tempo to the point where he is pretty much a living metronome. There’s lots of hilarious flailing hands, eye rolls, and ironic stoic looks on this vid, and you can tell it was a lot of fun to make. Check it out below.

Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future is out 3/18 via Astralwerks. Pre-order is available here and here.