Fusilier – “The Moment” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Fusilier – “The Moment” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Blake Fusilier, now known as Fusilier, is the former bassist for Boston band RIBS. The name change accompanies a jump into the forefront on his solo dolo, and man, was it a good move. To imagine this guy strumming three notes over and over again behind someone else is pretty depressing. On his first foray, “The Moment,” Fusilier’s voice is smooth and sultry, accentuated appropriately by a sexy-ass driving bassline. Pounding drums, an agile electric guitar riff, and catchy blips come in to balance the low-end heavy sounds and lift the track’s pulsing energy. Jackie Zimmerman and Max Berger’s visuals ooze with a seduction to match the bassline. Fusilier is shrouded in darkness with a warm light bathing one side of his face, contrasting the switching polychromatic backdrops behind transgender women and men in subtle drag passionately enticing the camera. The sexual tension on the track and video is brazenly palpable, just as Fusilier intended:

The video transformed into a display of gender fluidity. How we can all exist on this spectrum and be individuals outside of these labels while still being in the same room. This is how revolutions start. The Moment was always supposed to be about a revolution in the end.”

Check it out below.

Fusilier will release his debut EP this spring on Brassland.

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