Dr. Dre Starring In First Original Apple Series Vital Signs

The marriage between Dr. Dre and Apple continues on merrily. It seems the returns from that $3 billion Beats deal just keep rolling in. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dre will star in the tech giant’s first ever original television series Vital Signs (which, of course, has a medical-themed title). The 50-year-old West Coast OG and mogul will also executive produce the six-episode series that has been described as a somewhat autobiographical account with Dre tackling a different emotion in each ep. Music video veteran Paul Hunter has signed on to direct the half-hour episodes. The show is rumored to have a dark, brooding tone and arc including an extended sexy orgy scene. They are aiming to make studio rounds by this summer and release the show shortly after. This isn’t Dre’s first foray into acting; he also was lead in The Wash and had a small role in Training Day. We’ll see if the partnership pays off again in the near future.