Joey Bada$$ Got Into A Fight With A Yeezy Season Photog Who Called Him A$AP Rocky

I feel bad for TMZ photographers sometimes. They actually do a lot of research to be the vultures they are, and any slip-up can have some pretty dire consequences when dealing with celebrities, athletes, and musicians. Case and point, yesterday one TMZ photog got smacked in the face for coming at Joey Bada$$ sideways. The guy mistook Bada$$ for A$AP Rocky, and in all fairness Joey gave him clear warning, saying, “Yo, I’ll smack the shit out you bro.” The photographer called him A$AP again and got what Bada$$ promised him. I bet you the photog knows who to sue, though. I guess Joey literally smacked some sense into him. Anyway, bottom line: Don’t mess with the Badmon, things get real quickfast. Watch the video below via TMZ.