Josefin Ohrn & The Liberation – “Lucid Sapphire” (Stereogum Premiere)

Josefin Ohrn & The Liberation – “Lucid Sapphire” (Stereogum Premiere)

Swedish indie rockers Josefin Ohm & The Liberation make a wonderfully wild sound built from shoegaze galore and careening ambient sounds. They released their excellent album Horse Dance last fall, and they look to revisit the album by releasing another version “Sunny Afternoon” as a single. The B-side is “Lucid Sapphire,” a song built around a repetitive, energetic fuzz riff with wailing synths that offset Ohm’s wispy yet penetrating vocals. That balance creates a tension that never quite resolves and makes the pulsing energy of the track that much more palpable. Horse Dance was fantastic, and “Lucid Sapphire” hints at more great music on the horizon. Check it out below.

“Lucid Sapphire” is out 3/4 as the B-side to the “Sunny Afternoon” single on Rocket Recordings.

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